Travel Management Companies (TMC)

Our tailored corporate programs will provide the following benefits based on our extensive experience, and market knowledge, as well as our strong partnerships with travel service providers:


·         Greater visibility and control of each account's travel operations. applying a high-quality control standard within a set service level agreement.

·         Increased savings from local/global deals and increased policy compliance.

·         access to global reporting and data insights.

·         Service consistency is where we ensure continued service excellence.

·         Access to the best local, regional, and global services: each of our partners is independently owned and a leader in their respective fields.


Our Goal:

·         Our company is dedicated to providing exceptional travel management services to our corporate clients. We understand that managing travel can be a major expense for businesses, and we strive to help our clients save money while still receiving high-quality services.

·         We work closely with our clients to understand their unique travel needs and develop customized solutions that fit their budget and travel requirements. Through our partnerships with airlines, hotels, and other travel suppliers, we are able to negotiate the best deals and rates for our clients, which translates to significant cost savings.

·         We partner with our clients and ensure long-term satisfaction by supplying the right expertise, seeking continuous improvement, and having the right measures to evaluate the services.

·         Such a proven track record has brought many reputed entities to select us as their sole travel agency for years.



Our corporate travel management solution


·         Profiles of travelers, travel reservations, options research, and system integration

·         Management information reports.

·         Real-time application of travel policies.

·         Ability to book domestic, intercontinental, and point-to-point international trips.

·         Flights, airport transfers, hotel accommodations, trains, car rentals, and cruises

·         Changes in pre- and post-departure management.

·         The best deal of the day, the lowest logical deal, and other methods

·         Ability to capture, manage, and reclaim unused tickets.

·         Support for traditional and virtual credit cards. There are multiple payment solutions.

·         Multi-tier pre-trip approval workflow.

·         Integration with expense management and ERP systems.

·         Unique mass booking functionality.

·         Low-cost carrier tickets with over 120 airlines.


Corporate booking tool:


Corporations want more control over their travel and expenses, and we are here to help with a customized corporate travel log tool. Service can be offered as a bundle or separately, as below:


·         Air Segment Tool, where you can find all airlines (legacy and low-cost) on the same page and simply pick and choose the best match for your request.

·         We have developed a hotel booking tool that aggregates multiple sources and displays the results to customers in a user-friendly way. By integrating with multiple sources, we are able to provide a wide range of options for customers to choose from, including different room types, prices, and amenities.

·         Travel policy, the tool can take the travel policy rules and regulations and apply them on the back end, and based on that, the result will appear.

·         Company profile, where the company can manage its data, as well as a detailed profile for each employee.

·         The authorization process, in which the entire travel process begins with submitting a travel request, gaining sponsorship, human resources, and budgeting approval, and ends with specifying the type of trip, and always leads up to package expense (which includes flight, hotel, car rental, transfer, and so on).